Busy morning: I made tofu!

13 thoughts on “Busy morning: I made tofu!”

  1. How cool! I had never considered making my own tofu. Do you find it’s pretty cheap compared to just buying store brand?

    1. Well, we found you can get the soybeans for about a $1 a pound at a local Asian market. It takes about 1 and 1/2 cup to make a single batch of soy milk. The tofu kit we got on Amazon was about $25 and it came with the press, a large amount of nigari (coagulant) and the cheesecloth. I think it will be cheaper to make our own, but I’m interested in the richer taste and control over the ingredients. Besides that, it’s fun!

  2. Fantastic blog David πŸ™‚ Inspiring too! I`ve made home-made versions of a lot of things but never tofu. I think I just might have to try this πŸ™‚ Cheers from Montreal, Canada

    1. Hey until recently, I had no idea how tofu was made! Tofu doesn’t have much taste anyway, but what we like about the homemade variety is we’re in control of the ingredients. It seems to have a richer taste though. I’m making some tonight! I’m having too much fun here!

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