Apple Sage Sausage

7 thoughts on “Apple Sage Sausage”

    1. Hi! It’s great in the frying pan with some canola. I also used a George Foreman without any oil. It turned out great. I think you can probably bake it as well. I’ll have to try! Yes ~ one year as a vegan. I cannot imagine going back to the way I ate before! 🙂

  1. I’m a newbie vegan (just since the first week in January), and this recipe looks like one that would satisfy my occasional craving for something more “meaty.” I’m going to try it! You mentioned it’s now about a year since you’ve been a vegan; did you lose a lot of weight? I have lost 25 pounds since I started. It’s not like I ate unhealthily, or a ton of red meat and fatty stuff before starting the vegan diet, so I wonder why I’ve lost the weight so quickly.

    1. Congrats on going vegan! Yes, this is an excellent meal that will satisfy your craving. We’re going to make some this weekend, again. I’ve been on a plateau for the past 10 months or so. I initially lost 34 pounds, but then I hit a brick wall and won’t drop below 222 for nothing. Of course, I’m sure I could give up beer (not going to happen) and do more cardio (possible). But this is the weight I was at when I left the Army 11 years ago. I wish you the best. Hang in there!

  2. I suspect the plateau will hit soon with me, too. I just wondered if losing a lot of weight at first was a common phenomenon of becoming a vegan. I guess it is. I’m not complaining, as I certainly needed to lose some pounds.

    I’ll make your recipe soon, and will post my rendition. I definitely feel better all around on a vegan diet!


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