Making Korean Rice Wine

6 thoughts on “Making Korean Rice Wine”

  1. So cool that you’re making dong dong ju! I ended up using 1 cup of sugar rather than 2 as you can always sweeten to taste later. Can’t wait to see how your brew turns out!

    1. Hey! This is fun. I just posted a bunch more photos of what’s been happening here. I am on my way. Again, thanks so much for sharing the recipe in the first place. About the sugar, when I brew beer, sugar is added when bottling to give the beer carbonation. Question: when you added sugar to the wine and then bottled, did it make the wine bubbly? I want to know if it is just for flavor, or if it gives is a champagne type of carbonation. Thanks! ~ David

      1. The sugar seems to be mainly for flavoring as I didn’t notice much carbonation but a slight effervescent quality, and I am not sure that is caused by adding the sugar (but maybe it is). Your decanted brew will continue to ferment in the bottles especially if you leave it at room temp for a few days. I also see that as I leave my dong dong ju in the fridge for a few days more, the milky rice particles have settled to the bottom leaving a layer of clear liquid on the top which is reminiscent of sake.

    2. Hey! I just tried a bottle today! It’s good. It exploded when I opened it, but I shouldn’t have jostled it. It was like a champagne taste. Next bottle I’ll carefully open and then stir. My wife is impressed. I did good! Thanks again for the motivation!

  2. Cool. Thanks for the info! Everything seems to be going to plan. I’ll strain and add the sugar before bottling Wednesday night. I’ve got plastic bottles from my beer making that are 1/2 liter. I’ll loosely cap them and wait an additional three days before moving to the fridge. Looks like we’ll have a wine-tasting party by next weekend! Really appreciate all the advice. Cheers!

    Update: Holy cow straining the rice was a pain! It was so thick it clogged up my strainer. Finally I got it strained. I used a special no-rinse cleaner for the bottles to keep them sanitized. These are bottles I’ve used for making beer before. I didn’t fill them to the top, so any carbonation should not pop the tops. I’ll let you know how it turns out at our Sunday wine tasting! Thanks!

  3. So exciting! I’m glad you had success with the recipe. I asked my boyfriend to drill a small hole in the bottle caps for me to ensure no combustion action!

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