Miso Soup

Nothing beats a bowl of hot miso soup for nutrition and ease of preparation! I boil 2 cups of water and add a tablespoon of miso with minced garlic and diced firm tofu. Later, I add spinach and stir until it softens. That’s it! Serve with brown rice and you have a nutritious, simple meal! Continue reading Miso Soup

15-Bean Vegan Soup

Last night I put a quart of veggie broth in the slow cooker with some onion, garlic, mushrooms, carrots, turmeric, ground cumin and a cup and a half of Hurst’s 15-Beans. That’s a mix of beans like pinto, lima, garbanzo, split peas, kidney, white, red, lentil, you get the idea! I also added a cup … Continue reading 15-Bean Vegan Soup

Kimchi Stir Fry

This is surprisingly easy to fix. I start with some oil and tofu in a frying pan over medium heat. I add garlic and shallot, stirring as it browns. Then comes the kimchi. My wife is a native of Korea and makes the best kimchi (no fish sauce). After about five more minutes, I add … Continue reading Kimchi Stir Fry


Again? Yeah, don’t judge. I spent the morning freezing my bippy off while my daughter ice skated for two hours! Nothing like spicy vegan soup to warm you up! I’ve got mushrooms, brown rice cake, peppers, spinach, garlic, shallots, kimchi, Sriracha, wasabi and beer. Hmm… I’m feeling pretty good about lunch right now! Continue reading Again?

Mushroom Soup

Happy New Year! I’m enjoying my biggest meal of the day with a delicious serving of mushroom soup. I added these slices of portobellos along with tofu, baby potatoes, spinach, olives, green onions, cashews and brown rice! I started with a quart of veggie stock, some garlic and basil and some jalepeƱos. Hope you have … Continue reading Mushroom Soup

Romaine Salad

Lately I’ve strayed from the path of a salad a day and I’ve paid the price! Dr. Joel Fuhrman recommends eating one leafy meal a day in his outstanding book, Eat to Live. When I followed his advice, I was consistently weighing in below 200 pounds. My holiday feast of Tofurkey brought me up to … Continue reading Romaine Salad

Yuletide Feast

What a pleasant surprise this was! I half expected this to taste like a processed shoe, but it was actually a cruelty-free vegan alternative to turkey. As a former connoisseur of meat, I could hardly taste the difference. They nailed the taste and texture of this holiday favorite. It’s made from wheat gluten and tofu … Continue reading Yuletide Feast

Leek Soup

I’m kind of happy with the way this turned out. No recipe. I just kept adding stuff and ended up with an awesome vegan meal: Leek Onion and Mushroom Soup with tofu, cilantro, Asian chives, peppers and beer! Cheers! Continue reading Leek Soup

Lately …

I may not post to the blog daily, but I’ve been shooting food pics for every meal. Soon I will be organizing these into a cookbook project. It may be a simple free ebook with vegan recipes, but I hope to have something done next month. Watch this space! I post daily to Instagram as … Continue reading Lately …

Happy Thanksgiving!

Folks, I hope you’re Thanksgiving celebration was as happy as ours (if you celebrated!). We had a great relaxing day of doing nothing but eating and enjoying family time. My family isn’t vegan yet. I’m the sole one. But they are leaning vegan. I still fix my own meals. But they do enjoy my cooking … Continue reading Happy Thanksgiving!

Kimchi Stir Fry

Good eating tonight! This is a vegan stir fry with a Korean twist. I added paekchu kimchi with tofu, garlic, onion, sesame seeds and sesame seed oil with a side of brown rice and red wine! Still under 200 and I ran three miles after work. Cheers! Continue reading Kimchi Stir Fry

Scottish Oatmeal

I found a good article on oatmeal nutrition facts. It turns out that daily oatmeal will lower bad cholesterol. We’ll see! Before I went vegan, I had high cholesterol levels. My doctor had me on medication. With a vegan lifestyle, my levels went way down — enough that he told me I didn’t need the … Continue reading Scottish Oatmeal

Vegan Stir Fry

Keeping it simple with tofu, minced garlic and mixed veggies. The brown rice we cook is soaked a couple of days before going into the rice cooker. This gets is started germinating. I guess this is better for you. It sure tastes better. Brown rice usually is a far cry from white rice when it … Continue reading Vegan Stir Fry

Time for Oatmeal!

This morning’s oatmeal is mixed with frozen berries, bananas, walnut, almond, cashew, sunflower seeds, pipettes, goji berries, shredded coconut, vanilla extract and chia seeds! My morning weight is holding steady at 197 lbs. I’m certain my consistent diet of oatmeal, salads and soup or vegan stir fry, along with copious amounts of running, is making … Continue reading Time for Oatmeal!

Miso Soup

Today we went to the Korean market west of Baltimore. We loaded up on supplies, which included some organic miso. It worked well with 2 cups of water! I added two teaspoons of miso and brought it to a light boil. I added cubes of extra firm tofu, two minced garlic cloves and a chopped … Continue reading Miso Soup

Dinner of Champions

Kale is great without any dressing. Here I’ve got mixed Asian veggies — quick frozen when they were perfectly ripe. I added some minced garlic and imitation chicken with red pepper flakes, salt and pepper. There’s a bit of cilantro sauce added for good measure. And then a glass of wine to take the edge … Continue reading Dinner of Champions

What a day!

Lunch yesterday was so fast and easy to make, I decided to make Miso Soup again, but this time with rice and kimchi! This time I had loads more tofu. Very tasty, indeed! For dinner, I chopped up some pinto beans and added some Wegman’s Black Bean Sauce. I know, why? We didn’t have any … Continue reading What a day!

Surprise! Oatmeal

This morning I made oatmeal. Big surprise, eh? Heavy on the strawberries with my usual nuts, seeds and cinnamon. Also, we have fresh bananas in the house, so there you have it! Do you drink coffee in the morning? I went a couple of years without coffee. I just enjoy the taste and smell too … Continue reading Surprise! Oatmeal

Miso Soup

So simple to make, Miso soup is packed with protein and tastes great. I took two cups of filtered water to a boil and added 1 and 1/2 tablespoons of miso. I had fried some slabs of tofu in a separate pan with garlic and shallots. To the soup stock, I added a couple of … Continue reading Miso Soup