Homemade Raspberry Jam

One of my earliest childhood memories is watching my mother bake bread and make raspberry jam. We had a large raspberry patch in our backyard. Every summer we would harvest thousands of raspberries and Mom would make the tastiest jams. Lately my wife and I have been experimenting with mason jars. We got a book … Continue reading Homemade Raspberry Jam

Fresh homemade tofu

I unwrapped of fresh block of tofu this morning! I made this last night from 3 liters of homemade soy milk. Making tofu is easy! All you need is soy milk and a coagulant. I use nigari because that’s what came with our Soyajoy Premium Total Tofu Kit, but you can use lemon juice or … Continue reading Fresh homemade tofu

Makin’ Tofu!

Last night I was too tired to make tofu. So I let the tofu soak almost 20 hours! No problem. Tofu comes from soybean curds. To make curds, you first have to have soy milk. So here’s the complete recipe from a previous post. Basically you soak soybeans in water, then blend the beans with … Continue reading Makin’ Tofu!