Big Leafy Salad

You don’t hear me talking about my weight loss these days, do you? That’s because I have gotten fat! Yes, five months ago I was below 200 pounds, but these days I’m tipping the scales at 211. What happened? Well, the reason my weight went down so low was that I was following the nutritarian … Continue reading Big Leafy Salad

Romaine Salad

Lately I’ve strayed from the path of a salad a day and I’ve paid the price! Dr. Joel Fuhrman recommends eating one leafy meal a day in his outstanding book, Eat to Live. When I followed his advice, I was consistently weighing in below 200 pounds. My holiday feast of Tofurkey brought me up to … Continue reading Romaine Salad

Mason Jar Salads

Here’s a helpful tip where advanced preparation really streamlines the vegan lifestyle. Fixing three days of salads at once is easy with quart-size mason jars. You set up an assembly line on your counter and drop equal portions of ingredients into each jar. You start with the toppings and end with the greens. That way … Continue reading Mason Jar Salads


Okay, it probably had nothing to do with the food and everything to do with the fact that yesterday I ran nearly five miles and did spinning for 16 miles. This is my lowest weight since like before 1989 when I started to lift weights! I’ll stick with the diet plan, but I have to … Continue reading Salad!

Eating healthy!

A salad a day keeps you healthy, wealthy and wise! Well, I’m not so sure about wealthy, but I am healthy and working on the wise part! Oatmeal for breakfast. Salad for lunch. Veggie stir fry with brown rice for dinner. It’s keeping my weight steady. We’re back to doing body pump at the club … Continue reading Eating healthy!

Meeting my Goal

Today is the day I met my weight goal! When I went vegan, it was for ethical reasons. I don’t think it’s right that we slaughter innocent animals for food when there are viable alternatives that are better for humans! But soon after changing my lifestyle — 14 months ago — I began to learn … Continue reading Meeting my Goal

Nutritarian Salad

What’s the difference, you ask? No salt. No oil! Following the guidelines laid out in Dr. Joel Fuhrman’s “Eat to Live,” a good salad is made with nutritious greens like spinach and romaine lettuce. I’ve added radishes, cilantro, cherry tomatoes, walnuts, beans, shredded carrots, celery, ground flaxseed and sweet peppers. My lovely wife Jen made … Continue reading Nutritarian Salad